© Daniel Schlegel / Geh Mal Reisen

Sleeping under the stars

Just fallen in love? Newly married? Or in your second spring?

Bett im Garten der Römischen Villa Borg
Bett im Garten der Römischen Villa Borg - © Raphael Maas

Whatever it may be, we’ve got something special for romantic souls and invite you to spend a night out in a beautiful garden – and a four-poster bed with the finest linen. In order to make your private get together under the starry night sky perfect, you’ll receive three things: Two keys, one of which is to access the garden, plus a deliciously stocked picnic hamper. And should the weather not play along, you’ve got your second key for a “normal“ hotel room, including a shower for the next morning and all amenities. However, take your time before getting up and listen to the nightingales singing their love songs and the morning concert provided by all the local birds at sunrise.

Price includes
  • Double bed in the "secret garden of the roman villa Borg“ with romantic candlelight
  • Double bed in a 4-star hotel
  • guided tour through the garden
  • picnic hamper with wine, baguette and culinary delicacies
  • Welcome drink upon arrival in your hotel
  • Breakfast in your hotel
  • Torch, provided on loan

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