'Schwenken' – favourite pursuit of the Saarlanders

The people of the Saarland love a barbeque. As soon as the sun makes its first appearance in early summer, they take every opportunity to meet up with friends to have a barbeque.

Schwenken in saarländischem Restaurant
Schwenken in saarländischem Restaurant  - © Eike Dubois

The focal point of such gatherings is the 'Schwenker', the hanging grill typically used in the Saarland. 'Schwenken' has thus become a tradition of the Saarland, practised all over the region. You assemble your friends in your backyard or in a local park around the so-called 'Schwenker' grill. This is not your usual upright barbeque but rather a three-legged construction holding the grill pan above the fire, swinging (schwenken) from side to side. For the meat to become tender, you have to set the grill into motion. It falls upon the host or 'grill master' to swing the pan with the meat which has previously been marinated in different sauces. Guests traditionally exchange comments about his aptitude and may add their own experiences and tips in the course of the proceedings. Schwenken – a local ritual not to be missed!

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