Regional products

Home-made products and regional specialities characterise the Saarland in culinary terms.

Saarländische Lyoner

“Lyoner“ sausage

The Lyoner sausage is a typical Saarland speciality and one of its trademarks.

Weinreben im Dreiländereck

Where vines are grown in the Saarland...

… you can expect a good meal. Three countries, cultures and mentalities melt into one: In the 'Schengen Corner', the river Moselle with its gardens and castles and above all its vineyards, brings together people from Germany, France and Luxembourg.

Schwenken in saarländischem Restaurant

'Schwenken' – favourite pursuit of the Saarlanders

The people of the Saarland love a barbeque. As soon as the sun makes its first appearance in early summer, they take every opportunity to meet up with friends to have a barbeque.

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