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Bicycle Rides | medium

Eine Talroute im ersten und eine sehr reizvolle Höhenroute im zweiten Abschnitt der Tour führt vom Saartal zum hochgelegenen Bostalsee.
 51,4 km  4:10 h  530 m  308 m

Warndt Forest Trail

Hiking Trail | medium

The trail is characterised by forest landscapes, wood edges, ponds, sunken roads and creek valleys, all succeeding each other. There are some nice views from the Miesenberg mountain and a rather spectacular one from the viewing plattform in the eastern loop of the trail.
 16,6 km  4:45 h  314 m  314 m

Tiefenbach Creek Path

Hiking Trail | medium

This trail meanders through an enchanted creek valley and features mystical giant  trees, regional products, challenging climbing parts, an old quarry and impressive viewpoints. This is the country of St Wendelinus where calm, pristine nature and magical spots are typical.


 15,4 km  5:00 h  366 m  365 m

Villa Borg Trail

Hiking Trail | easy

Short but full of magic: This 3,8 miles trail sets off and ends at the archeological park Villa Borg and hikers can enjoy varied landscapes, enchanting sceneries and wide views along the way. Don’t miss visiting Villa Borg at the end!
 7,2 km  1:50 h  33 m  33 m

Nordic Walking Park Itzenplitzer Weiher-Schachtweg

Schachtweg - Eine ideale Strecke für Einsteiger und Neugierige Der «Schachtweg» führt in Richtung Schacht Erkershöhe. Von der Erkershöhe aus erstreckt sich der Weg über eine kurze

Distanz an der Landstraße L 112 entlang und führt über bewaldete Wege zurück zum Itzenplitzer Weiher

 5,4 km  1:28 h  103 m  92 m

MTB 6 Ausdauer-Tour

Mountain Bike | medium

Diese Route hat ihre Bezeichnung zurecht: Ausdauer und fahrerisches Können sind auf dieser Tour gefordert . 35 km über Wald, Wiese, Schotter und unbefestigte Wege geht diese anspruchsvolle Strecke durch landschaftlich reizvolle Natur.

 35,1 km  3:56 h  524 m  524 m


Bicycle Rides | easy

Der Fritz-Wunderlich-Radweg, benannt nach dem großen, in Kusel geborenen Sänger, nutzt nach den ersten 5 km von Altenglan nach Kusel im weiteren Verlauf vollständig die Trasse einer ehemaligen Bahnstrecke über 2 hohe Viadukte und 2 Tunnel. Der überwiegend wassergebundene Belag und die Führung über die meist mit Büschen und Bäumen dicht umstandene alte Bahntrasse geben dem Weg ein ruhiges, naturnahes Gepräge.

Quelle: www.Pfalz.de

 26,2 km  2:23 h  376 m  125 m

`Stausee Tafeltour´

Hiking Trail | medium

The lake landscape and panoramic views make this a very diverting walk. The trail features narrow forest and meadow paths and enormous fields as well as enchanted creek valleys along the way. Losheim reservoir and all the recreational options on offer here are a disctinct highlight.


 10,3 km  3:30 h  232 m  232 m

Saar-Hunsrück Climb - 26th leg: Stausee Kell - Bonerath - Riveris - Waldrach - Kasel/ Mertesdorf "Ruwer-Route"

Long Distance Hiking | medium

This leg of the Saar-Hunsrück climb leads from the heights of the Hunsrück into the idyllic Ruwer valley with its wine villages.

 20,2 km  6:00 h  207 m  525 m

Burbach-Köllertal Loop

Bicycle Rides | medium

This one-day route features three attractive valleys (Saar-, Köller- and Burbachtal) as well as the interjacent hill ranges from where you’ll have clear views.   You’ll also pass by the iron works in Völklingen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
 51,3 km  3:50 h  392 m  392 m


Hiking Trail | medium

This trail in the Saarlouis region leads through enchanting forests, past old quarries and throws in the medieval Teufelsburg castle as a special highlight.
 12,2 km  3:35 h  263 m  263 m

Bostalsee Loop

Bicycle Rides | easy

Explore the largest recreational lake in south-west Germany by bike. This half-day tour is easy to moderately difficult   and can be turned into a one-day tour since there are numerous attractive opportunities for taking a break on the way. Start off at Bostalsee lake, continue via Neunkirchen, Theley and Tholey until you reach Oberthal and return via Elzenberger Mühle mill.
 28,4 km  2:10 h  285 m  285 m

Litermont Peak Tour

Hiking Trail | medium

On “Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail 2007“ you will explore the rocky landscape around the Litermont peak. The path winds its way up the 414 meters high Litermont mountain, over rugged volcano rocks, forest paths and through hilly landscapes. On the way, hikers will encounter a willow dome and a Celtic ceremonial site.
 9,1 km  3:30 h  266 m  275 m

‘Schauinslandweg‘ Path

Hiking Trail | medium

This trail features numerous viewpoints and varied landscapes. Further characteristics are two pretty pond formations, a quarry and the enchanting gorge Kerbacher Loch with its picturesque.
 10,8 km  3:15 h  276 m  276 m

`Kirkeler Tafeltour´

Hiking Trail | medium

This trail will take you through one of the Saarland’s biggest woodlands. Kilometer after kilometer of meandering paths invite you on a spectacular hike in the forest. There will be banks of mottled sandstone on the way as well as caves. You’ll also see the mysterious Frauenbrunnen well that has been used as a ceremonial site since Celtic times.
 8,5 km  2:45 h  192 m  188 m

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