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Your digital Saarland Card

The Saarland Card is going digital. Instead of a chip card, you can now use a digital QR code.


  1. Download the “Saarland Reiseführer” app from the App Store or Google Play Store to your smartphone.
  2. You will receive your personal code to redeem the card from your Saarland Card accommodation provider (host). Please enter this code (a combination of numbers and letters) in the app under “My Saarland Card” and press the “Redeem code here” button. Your QR codes will then be generated.
    You will get two QR codes: one QR code for entry to attractions and one for using public transport in the Saarland region (click on the yellow bus). These codes are valid for everyone booked in at your accommodation (e.g. partner, family, group, etc.).
  3. In the app, you can find your codes under “Menu - My Wallet” for scanning at the respective attractions or use on public transport.

Important to know:

  • Your digital Saarland Card is valid for all people who are booked in with you at your Saarland Card accommodation provider. This means you only receive one QR code for the Saarland Card and can use it for yourself, your partner, family or group.
  • In addition to the QR code for entry at the participating attractions and sights, you will also get a QR code for use on public transport in the Saarland region. Click on the yellow bus to find this code. Please note: Should you be travelling with a group of more than five people, you will receive more than one QR code for local public transport. Underneath each code, you will see the number of people who can travel on it.
  • The "Saarland Reiseführer" app contains detailed information about all Saarland Card attractions. This makes it easy for you to see which partners are currently included and in your area. The app will always provide up-to-date information on what is available should there be changes during the season.

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